Tourism in Balneario Camboriu

Beautiful beaches, mountains, exciting nightlife, varied international cuisine, as well as diversity, all compose the scenery of this tourist paradise, Balneario Camboriu.

With enviable infrastructure, comprising urbanization, basic sanitation, landscaping, public health, safety and education, Balneario Camboriu holds the 4th place in Brazil´s HDI (Human Development Index) and welcomes more than 1.5 million visitors per year.

Elected the municipality that offers the best quality of life standards of southern Brazil, and also called Santa Catarina’s Capital of Tourism, its natural, historical and cultural attractions have received many investments, which contributes to the realization of infrastructure and social works. Among them, the construction of innovative attractions, such as Unipraias Park that, besides the cable cars, features the world´s most modern mountain sled: the Youhooo!.

Getting around Balneario Camboriu is guarantee of fun. The city features dozens of nightclubs as well as an impressive array of shopping options, a plus for those who like to shop. As for the more relaxed people, but who do not lack convenience, the city offers local tourist attractions amidst the urban scenery, such as Cristo Luz Tourist Complex, Rio Camboriu Ecological Park, Santur Zoo, and beaches of clean water and sand, with good infrastructure to receive visitors from all over the world although keeping their native features. Everything at a short walk distance or, easily reached by public transportation.

Schooner boat tours are also a guarantee of fun, presenting the city from a different angle.

Being in Balneario Camboriu is to find out a natural paradise, supported by the comfort and fun of the urban life.

The food and dining scenery is recognized as one of the best of southern Brazil, adding flavor and quality to the experience of getting to know Balneario Camboriu and surrounds.

What to do, where to go?
Get to know the top attractions of Balneario Camboriu, and make your vacations perfect.

Praia central - Foto Power Produtora

Central Beach

700 meters from the Rosenbrock Hotel, is the main and the largest beach in the city. Perfect for sun and sea bathing, sand sports, running or walking on the sidewalk or cycle path. It has several bars, food and beverage kiosks, restaurants and nightclubs along its 7 km seafront.

Address: Avenida Atlantica, Balneario Camboriu.

Praia de Laranjeiras - Foto: Power Produtora

Laranjeiras Beach

Paradisiac beach located in a small bay, and surrounded by native Atlantic forest. Laranjeiras Beach has calm and transparent waters, with a good infrastructure of bars and restaurants. Accessible by the Interpraias Road, as well as schooner boat or cable car rides.

Address: Rodovia Interpraias, Balneario Camboriu.

Praias Agrestes - Foto: Power Produtora

Rustic Beaches

Taquarinhas, Taquaras, Pinho (first lawful nudist beach in Brazil), Estaleiro and Estaleirinho, they are located along Interpraias Road, separated by hills, coast and beautiful viewpoints. Mostly untouched, these beaches offer a stunning and unforgettable scenery, with clean sea, vast Atlantic forest and beautiful rocky formations.

Praia Brava - Itajaí - Foto: Eduardo Marquetti

Brava Beach

A surfer´s paradise, as well as for the healthy lifestyle fans, Brava Beach is located in the neighboring municipality of Itajai. Although featuring a rough sea, it has good infrastructure with boardwalks, food and beverage kiosks, bars, restaurants and nightclubs, right on the seafront.

Address: Praia Brava, Itajai, Santa Catarina

Praia do Buraco - Foto: Power Produtora

Buraco Beach

Rustic and mostly untouched, in the midst of the Atlantic Forest. Accessible only by foot, through the Barra Norte Deck, Buraco Beach is perfect for outdoor enjoyment, in its beautiful scenery.

Access through Barra Norte Deck, Balneario Camboriu.

Molhe Barra Sul - Foto: Power Produtora

Barra Sul

The Barra Sul Breakwater occupies an area of ​​about six thousand square meters, and became a tourist attraction since receiving beautiful landscaping and lighting projects, as well as art works by local artists. It also features a children’s playground.

Address: Avenida Atlantica, Barra Sul. Across Unipraias Park.

Deck Pontal Norte - Foto: Power Produtora

Barra Norte Deck

A wooden deck, about 500 meters long, with illuminated walkways, observation decks, platforms above the sea and stairs, for the sandy beaches access. The Barra Norte Deck highlights ​​the environmental quality of the Barra Norte area, amidst the Atlantic forest, rocks and the sea.
The tour offers to the visitors a wonderful view of Balneario Camboriu seafront, as well as access to Buraco Beach.

Address: Barra Norte, Balneario Camboriu.

Unipraias Park

Cable Car

Cable cars interconnecting three stations, between the southern point of Balneario Camboriu Central Beach and Laranjeiras Beach. From the intermediary station, located at the top of the hill, you may also enjoy the attractions described below.

Observation Decks

Two observation decks, accessed through the station located at the top of Morro da Aguada, with stunning views of the entire seafront of Balneario Camboriu Central Beach and Laranjeiras Beach.


Mountain sled with a 710 meters course, descending amidst native Atlantic Forest, and overlooking Balneario Camboriu Central Beach.

Zip Rider

A zip line of about 750 meters, descending amidst native Atlantic Forest from the top of Morro da Aguada, at 240 meters height, to Laranjeiras Beach.

Address: Avenida Atlantica 6006, Barra Sul, Balneario Camboriu

Barco Pirata - Foto: Power Produtora

Pirate Boat

Pirate schooner ride, starting out of the Barra Sul pier, and sailing along Balneario Camboriu seafront, around Ilha das Cabras, a city landmark, and the coast of Morro da Aguada, before stopping at the Laranjeiras Beach pier.
The Pirate Boat has an animation team among the crew, entertaining the crowd with the pirate´s theme.

Address: Avenida Beira Rio, 6020, Barra Sul, Balneario Camboriu

Morro do Careca

Morro do Careca (Careca´s Hill)

A viewpoint at the top of the hill, with spectacular views of Balneario Camboriu seafront, Laranjeiras Beach, Buraco Beach, Amores Beach, Brava Beach and Itajai.
Morro do Careca features untouched Atlantic forest, trails, viewpoints, take-off area for the practice of adventure sports. Access through paved road and parking lot available.

Phone: (47) 9682.3159

Address: top of Morro do Careca (Careca´s Hill), Amores Beach, Balneario Camboriu
Free admission to the viewpoints / Paraglider Flight costs about BRL 220,00

Beto Carreiro World

Parque Beto Carrero World

The largest thematic park in Latin America, also rated 6th best amusement park in the world. Located 30 km from Balneario Camboriu, it mixes amusement rides with live shows, circus, zoo, and the presence of characters from Madagascar and Shrek movies (by Dreamworks Studios).

Address: Rua Inacio Francisco de Souza, 1597, Armacao Beach, Penha, SC

Zoológico Santur - Foto: Power Produtora

Santur Zoo

Zoo with 1,200 animals including tigers, lions, camels, monkeys, among others, aquarium, as well as an archaeological (with ancient indigenous articles and skeletons), oceanographic, fisherman and stuffed animals museum.

Address: BR 101, Km 137, Balneario Camboriu

Cristo Luz - Foto: Power Produtora

Cristo Luz

Tourist complex featuring observation deck, restaurants and the statue of Cristo Luz, with 33 meters height, built at the top of the hill. The statue holds a symbolic sun in its left hand, emitting multicolored beams of light that illuminates the city at night.

Address: Rua Indonesia, 800, Balneario Camboriu

Passeio San Miguel

San Miguel Boulevard

The first boulevard in the city to offer shopping, art, food and dining options in an open air space, totally safe and comfortable.

A perfect place for the whole family!

An outdoor walkway, with attractions and events all year round. Weekly, live music brings together gastronomy, shopping, arts, cultural events and entertainment, in one of the most charming places of Balneario Camboriu.

A unique, modern and cozy space, for those who, accompanied by friends, family or even alone, want to enjoy a selection of the best gastronomic options of the city.

Feirinha Praça da Cultura - Foto: Power Produtora

Praca da Cultura Street Fair

Also called “crafts village”, this street fair is dedicated to the local artisans, featuring live music (MPB and serenades), photographic exhibitions, fine arts and antiques, food stands with organic and local products. It also features inflatable rides and activities for children.

Business hours: the street fair takes place on Saturdays, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The crafts village opens daily from 4:00 pm to 8:00pm.
Address: Avenida Da Lagoa, Praca da Cultura (in the back of Atlantico Shopping Mall) Balneario Camboriu.

Igreja Santa Inês

Santa Ines Church

The Santa Ines Church has a modern architecture, built in a rounded shape, inspired in the straw hats used by the local fishermen, and also featuring a large outdoor garden.
The interior draws attention to the layout of the altar, placed right in the center of the church, which offers the faithful a unique experience.

Schedule: Masses from Tuesday to Saturday: 5pm and 7pm. Sundays: 7am, 8:30am, 10am, 6pm and 7:30pm (also at 9pm in high season).

Santa Ines Church is closed on Mondays.

Address: Rua 1400, 492, downtown Balneario Camboriu

Shopping Atlântico

Atlântico Shopping

The most traditional shopping in the city.
Hours: Monday to Saturday: stores open from 10am to 10pm and food court from 11am to 10pm. On Sundays: stores open from 3pm to 9pm and food court from 11am to 9pm.

Address: Avenida Brasil, 1271, Balneario Camboriu

Balneário Camboriú Shopping

Balneário Camboriú Shopping

A modern and sophisticated shopping mall, featuring the country´s major chain stores.

Hours: Monday to Saturday: stores and food court from 11am to 11pm. Sundays: stores open from 2pm to 9pm and food court from 11am to 11pm

Address: Avenida Santa Catarina, 01, Balneario Camboriu

Camelódromo - Foto:

Camelodromo (Street Vendors Market)

A popular shopping center, with many stores selling mostly imported goods, such as clothes, beverages, electronics, perfumery, games, toys, kitchen and household goods, among others.

Business Hours: Daily, from 10am to 11pm
Address: Rua 1400, 330, downtown Balneario Camboriu

Speedway Music Park

Speedway Music Park

The Speedway Music Park project was idealized following three basic concepts: music, speed and adrenaline. Offering great attractions in all these segments, it is located right at the city´s entrance.

  • Paint Ball
  • Trails for sport ATV rides (quadricycles)
  • International standard karting speed track

Address: Rua Francisco Correa, 2406, Nova Esperanca, Balneario Camboriu

Green Valley - Foto: Diego Luis Jarschel

Green Valley

Voted best electronic music club in the world

Address: Rua Mamore, 1083, Rio Pequeno, Camboriu, SC

Warung Club


The Temple of Electronic Music

Address: Avenida Jose Medeiros Vieira, 350, Praia Brava, Itajai, SC

Shed Western Bar

Shed Western Bar

The best of “sertanejo universitario”, a variation of brazilian country music.

Phone: (47) 3264-2607
Address: Avenida Atlantica, 5650, Balneario Camboriu

Museu da imagem e som - Foto divulgação


MISBC has a varied collection of sound and image equipment, as well as a remarkable audiovisual collection, communication equipment, philately, numismatics and important historical documents.
In its collection are rare and exclusive pieces that can be enjoyed only at MISBC.

There are more than 1,364 m2 of exhibition area, with thematic distribution over 7 floors, where approximately 3,000 pieces of the collection can be contemplated in chronological order and different environments, lighting, sound and projections.

Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday, from 1 pm to 6 pm
Address: Rua 700, 44 – Centro, Balneário Camboriú

Oceanic Aquarium - Foto divulgação


At Oceanic Aquarium, you will discover 25 enclosures divided between fresh and salt water and more than 130 species from all over the world. There are 3,500 thousand square meters of built area and around one million liters of water. The aquarium was created and designed to raise the awareness of this and future generations about environmental preservation and sustainability.

Schedule: Mon to Fri. 09h to 18h Sat and Sun. 09h to 19h
Address: Rua 4000, 133, Centro, Balneário Camboriú


Balloon flight is an experience of approximately 2 and a half hours. The package you participate in balloon inflation, ballooning instructions, 1 hour or so of flight, the ground team that accompanies the entire flight, a sparkling wine at the end to celebrate and Porto Seguro insurance.

Address: Rua 902, n. 178, Centro, Balneário Camboriú

Classic Car Show - -Foto divulgação


A real trip to the past. Come and meet the rare and exclusive cars and motorcycles. Rolls-Royce, Ford, Cadillac, Mustang, Jaguar, Ferrari, Mustang, Buick, BMW, Mercury, Pontiac, Packard and more.
Schedule: Open every day from 10 am to 7 pm

Address: Av. Normando Tedesco, 5720, Centro, Balneário Camboriú
Website: https: //

FG Big Whell - Foto divulgação


The FG Big Wheel is 65m in diameter and its highest point is 82 meters high, and has 36 air-conditioned cabins, which provide panoramic views of the city and the waterfront, in a pleasant, quiet, clean and safe ride. The attraction is located in a private area at the north point of the bar, very close to the Pontal Norte Deck, and also has common areas, bathrooms, security, lighting and Wi-Fi.

Schedule: Daily from 9am to 9pm
Address: Estr. da Raínha, 1009 – Pioneiros, Balneário Camboriú – SC, 88331-510
Website: https: //

Passarela da Barra - Créditos BC Convention, Rodrigo Luft


The Barra pedestrian bridge is another attraction of Barra Sul, in Balneário Camboriú, it is 190 m long and tall, equivalent to a 22-story building. Suspended access, exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists, interconnects neighborhoods with a privileged view of the waterfront.

Schedule: Open daily 24h
Address: Av. Normando Tedesco, 1743 – Centro, Balneário Camboriú – SC, 88332-230


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